The power from supersonic waves ensures lapping of microscopic parts of molds. The machines achieve five to ten times faster processing speed than that of manual processing.

Japan Patent/No.1128235
U.S. Patent/No.4168916
Swiss Patent/No.629689
Germany Patent/No.2814467

High-output supersonic lapping can be achieved with perfect control.
The LAPTRON 55 boasts high-output of 45W, maximum. The model features the widest range of applications and is one of our most successful supersonic lapping machine.

High power output supersonic lapping machine.

Supersonic high power output of 45 W maximum at an amplitude of 45 microns and a frequency of 22000 Hz.
Enables comfortable and high quality mold lapping with minimum force. The latest model of LAPTRON Series realizes speedy, high quality and extremely precise work.

Far easier operation realized by the new circuit!!

New circuit applied to restrict tip temperature rise
The new circuit restricts tip temperature rise as much as possible. Specifically, thermal breakage of ceramic tip is eliminated.

Four-stage power output adjustment
High power output of 45 W maximum. Appropriate power selectable depending on operating conditions through four-stage power adjustment.

Varying frequency automatically controlled
Varying frequency depending on thickness and length of tips automatically traced. Vibration is controlled by the feedback frequency to maintain the optimum lapping condition.

Notable Work Examples
Lapping narrow slits (0.5 mm) (Using SL tip)
Lapping with ceramic stone
High quality finish easily achieved!!

Deal with various shapes
Shapes difficult to lap using conventional manual work, such as rib, slit, deformed hole, concave bottom surface and precise angles at corners can be achieved with highly accurate lapping.

Work efficiency raised and high precision achieved
Work efficiency drastically raised because the work speed increases five to seven times manual work. Even beginners can perform mirror finish easily and speedily.

Lapping deep ditches (Using diamond electrode tip)
Mirror finish with diamond paste

From precision molds to large sized molds!!

Deal with every type of mold
Every type of mold, such as plastic, die cast, press, as well as rubber and glass, can be lapped speedily.

Performance applicable to every material
Speedy and highly accurate lapping applicable to every material, from non-ferrous metal to cemented carbide. Particularly excellent in lapping after electric discharge machining.

Power unit
Tip case
Hand tool holder
Supersonic hand tool
Foot switch
Fastening jig
Tip fastening jig/1set
Tips for supersonic/1set

Standard tips for LAPTRON PEN (sold separately)
We have a wide choice of standard chips to deal with various types of lapping from aluminum molds and copper base alloy molds to hard metal molds.
Tips can be tailored on request in addition to the standard lineup.
For further details, please see the page on Standard tips .

Power unit


230V,240V, 50 / 60Hz, 120VA


45W max, 22KHz
4-stage selection
approx. 4kg
Hand tool
 (Diameter⊙Length)mm
approx. 300g
Specifications may vary without prior notice.